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Bill’s Baby Back Ribs are the best!







What better food to have on Super Bowl Sunday – than Bill’s baby back ribs!  Cooked over a slow flame for 4+ hours, these ribs are delicious and fall off the bone. Of course Bill is a fantastic cook in general, but his ribs are really special!

The secret(s) to his success? I will share with you that it is the dry rub he puts on them overnight to marinate.  It’s actually Meathead’s Memphis Dust dry rub, a recipe that he found on the web.   He cooks them on the BBQ on a low heat and also keeps a glass container of water (or even better – apple juice) that steams and keeps them super moist.

Then he just bastes them during the last 1/2 hour or so with our favorite brand of BBQ sauce: Stubb’s. We especially like the “Spicy” version, nice and spicy and tangy – but they are all quite good.

Try your hand at ribs using Bill’s tried and true secrets…or better yet, just try to get an invitation to our house when he makes them next!  Janice


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